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Frequently Asked Questions

What time do you close?

There is no set close time. We do stop selling tickets at 10PM on Thursday & Sunday and 11PM Friday & Saturday. We are open until the last person that has a ticket is gone. On some evenings, tickets sales may be cut off earlier because we have reached maximum occupancy. Get your tickets early!

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Cash, Visa, Mastercard & Discover. Becasue of country living, the internet connection is slow. Bring Cash, it's faster.

Is there any food available?

Yes! Donut Shop is open.

What is the Fast Pass?

The fast pass allows you to go to the front of the line for each haunt. Tell saff you would like to purchase a fast pass with your haunt tickets. No need to wait in the ticket line!

How long are the lines?

Saturday nights are usually the busiest night of the weekend and there is a possibility of long wait times. To avoid this, please try to arrive early or plan to come on a Friday or Sunday night.

Are the tickets good for a different night?

If you are unable to finish going through the haunts, please bring your unused tickets to the register that night and have them signed. On the night you return, bring those signed tickets to the register so they can give you replacement tickets for that night.

Are there refunds?

No refunds or replacements. All sales are final.

What is the recommended age?

Our haunts are geared to scare teenagers & adults. We leave it up to you to decide if you think your child can handle it.

If the weather is bad, how will we know if you are open?

If you are unsure if Ashland Berry Farm is operating due to weather, please call us 804-227-3601. Our automated system will be updated, usually by 4PM letting you know if we are closed. It will also be posted on our Facebook page as well!

Is there a lost and found?

Yes. Please note – ashland berry farm is not responsible for any lost items. We highly recommend that visitors keep cell phones, keys and other items in their pockets for the entire night.

What are you doing about Covid-19?

Please check out our Covid-19 Page for details.

Please be advised that there may be bending down, crawling, climbing, strobe lights and extreme darkness in all haunts.  

There may be muddy areas on the trail in Booger Woods, please be aware of your footing.  


All persons enter the haunts at their own risk. Anyone with a weak heart, high anxiety, back problems or pregnant is advised not to enter the haunts.