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  • Transfer my tickets and step by step directions.
    Ticket Transfer Rules - You may transfer your tickets up to the night that you purchased. You cannot transfer tickets after the night you originally purchased has passed. - You may transfer your tickets to any available night, but if you select a night that is more expensive than your original night you will have to pay the difference How To Transfer Your Ticket(s) 1. Use the confirmation email’s custom URL to manage the ticket(s). Resend your confirmation email if you lost it. From the ticket confirmation email, guests will click on “Manage Tickets.” You will be taken to a link where the verification code provide in the confirmation email (noted in the screenshot above) will need to be entered. Then, click “Verify Access.” The ticket(s) will then appear after a successful submission of the verification code. 2. Select the new ticket From the drop-down menus, change the ticket group (in the example below, the ticket groups are the days of the event) and the ticket level (in this case, the tasting period for the chosen day). Once the options are selected, click on “Transfer Tickets.” 3. Verify ticket holder information The next screen will ask you to verify the details of the ticket holder. On the checkout screen, you will notice that an event transfer credit has been applied according to the settings added during the participant transfer set-up. A confirmation email with the details of the new ticket transferred to will automatically be sent to the ticket holder. The registration cart showing the event transfer credit will be included in the confirmation email.
  • I lost my tickets confirmation email, how do I get another one?
    Pumpkins Tickets Click the link below and put in the email you used to purchase tickets and the email will be resent. Resend my tickets Terror on The Farm Tickets Click the link below and put in the email you used to purchase tickets and the email will be resent. Resend my tickets
  • Can I bring my pet to the farm?
    Any other time of the year we love to see your fur babies, but during October we ask that you leave them at home. We do make an exception for service animals but they must remain leashed at all times. Thank you!
  • What are your pumpkin picking hours?
    Our pumpkin picking hours are from 10am-5pm Saturdays and Sundays with the last hayride going out to the patch at 4:30. For weekday hours please refer to the calendar.
  • Are strollers allowed?
    You can leave them at the tractor pick up point OR they have to be folded to get onto the hayride.
  • Is there any food available?
    The Donut Shop is open on Saturdays & Sunday from 10AM - 5PM. There are freshly made donuts, hotdogs, corn dogs, french fies, hot chocolate, hot & cold cider, coffee, soda & water.
  • What is the All You Can Carry for $30?
    All the pumpkins (you pick from the field) one person can carry in their arms and take 3 steps.
  • Do I have to do the All You Can Carry?
    No, pumpkins are individually priced from $4 - $20 depending on size.
  • What activties do you have for kids?
    3D Boo House - No scary stuff! Perfect for the little ones Fort Pumpkin - Open on Satrudays and Sundays ONLY Unlmited Fun Pass- Purchase both tickets for the 3D Boo House and Fort Pumpkin and go though both activies as many times as you would like! Ticket sales for Kids Activites stop at 4:30pm on Saturdays & Sundays and close at 5pm.
  • What forms of payment do you accept?
    We accept Cash, Visa, Mastercard & Discover.

Please be advised that there may be bending down, crawling, climbing, strobe lights and extreme darkness in all haunts.  

There may be muddy areas on the trail in Booger Woods, please be aware of your footing.  


All persons enter the haunts at their own risk. Anyone with a weak heart, high anxiety, back problems or pregnant is advised not to enter the haunts.


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