TERROR ON THE FARM is back and our Haunts are better than ever! Hopefully you can survive the unknown forces that haunt this farm. This is only for the strong hearted souls.



Our  Haunts change every year. You will never know what to expect from year to year! Come enjoy the Food Concessions, Music, DJ, BonFire and a good Scare.




New Haunts  

Cresthill Manor, Georgie's Mortuary, 3D Whispering Walls,

and Booger Woods 

Cresthill Manor

Cresthill Manor used to be a peaceful retirement home where folks came to enjoy a slower pace of life. However, on-site crematory is always at full capacity day and night and no one ever comes to visit. Do you dare see what haunts Cresthill Manor and solve the mystery? 

Georgie's Mortuary

Enter in at your own risk. Dead bodies are waiting to come alive when you step into the mausoleum. Whether they are frozen in our cryogenics chamber or on fire in our incinerators they delight in your fears. Walk through the laser vortex to escape. If you dare!

3D Whispering Walls

Mystery and danger surround  the walls of our haunted maze. Beware of what is lurking in the shadows because the further you go in, the scarier it gets but there is no turning back!  The walls are always watching you.  It’s a maze with a haunted living room and bedroom with flying bats, and a crypt where the dead want to tell you something do you dare listen?

Booger Woods

Strange things occur deep in the woods at night. You will be face to face with horrors, chainsaw mayhem, and screams coming from the darkness. It’s only a hayride away. Once you get dropped off, it’s up to you to find your way out.

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