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All About Pumpkins

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Visit. Learn. Explore.

Experience the beauty of pumpkins at Ashland Berry Farm!


We invite you to enjoy learning about the pumpkin life cycle, the importance of busy bees, and take advantage of our printable activity resources.


Our pumpkin patch is the perfect spot to capture photos, learn, and create memories that will last a lifetime!


🐝 Buzz about Bees & Pollination: 🐝

Bees are like special helpers in a pumpkin patch.


When bees visit a pumpkin flower, they pick up some sticky powder called pollen. When they go to the next flower, they leave some of this powder behind. This helps the pumpkins grow!


So, without bees, we might not get as many pumpkins in the patch. It's like bees help the flowers talk to each other to make pumpkins.


1. Seed

First comes the seed. Plant a pumpkin seed in the ground and make sure it gets plenty of water!

2. Sprout

Once the seed grows, it will change into a small sprout that will grow into a vine.

3. Vine

Instead of growing tall, a pumpkin plant grows out. The vine will grow until it produces flowers.


4. Flowers

When the vine is big enough, it will bud and blossom into big yellow flowers! This is where the bees get busy pollinating!

5. Green Pumpkin

Before a pumpkin becomes orange, it starts off as a little green pumpkin! 

6. Ripe Pumpkin

When a pumpkin is ripe, it will be big and orange. That means it’s ready to be picked.

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🌱From Seed to Splendor:🌱

Dive into the captivating journey of a pumpkin's life cycle.



Click the tabs below for fun learning activities and printouts! 

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